Sep 28, 2010

i Promise

bosan2 sabtu last week duk umah je godek2 tv tekan sana tekan sini alih2 terstop kat TV3...
layan la jap cite hindustan dah lama giler tak tengok..ingat nak tgk kejap je sekali tersangkut daaa..
best cite neh. tajuknye Vaada Raha (I Promise...) 
x banyak sgt scene menari nyanyi bagai sekali dua je so agak syiok nak di tonton seisi keluarga...

aku suka sgt tgk heroin die punyer eye liner. Retro Style. cun!

Actor and Plot cite yang menarik...yay!!! 

synopsis cite neh...nak cite x pandai kang merepek cite lari dari yang asal bla bla blah...
nah aku copy paste dari wikipedia...another love story pasal penyakit....

Vaada Raha

Duke Chawla's (Bobby Deol) life today can be called gratifying. Professionally, he is a successful doctor, personally an ardent lover and parent to a doting dog-Junior. Currently, Duke lives alone with Junior. He loves Pooja(Kangana Ranaut), who is career oriented like him, their marriage plans are in the offing. 

Duke's research on cancer has recently been acknowledged by the American Medical Association. 

A sudden turn of fate ends Duke's perfect world. After an accident he is paralyzed neck down. A bed becomes his boat and the hospital room his world. Nalini leaves him, friends stay away and those who want to be by his side are yelled at by Duke himself. He becomes bitter and angry at himself. Duke hates his conditions so much that he wishes he had died instead of living in a condition which is worse. A man, who was an angel to many, loses all hope himself.
Roshan (Dwij Yadav), a young boy enters his life. Known to all at the hospital Roshan is naughty and stubborn. He does what he likes. Duke hates Roshan in the first few meetings but then slowly Roshan wins over his heart. They both strike a common chord. What Duke really enjoys is the description of the view from his window that Roshan tells him. Roshan regales him with incidents of people he sees from the window, all the incidents are about people who win against odds because they remain hopeful. The whole experience of hearing the courageous tales everyday brings in light to Duke's dim aspirations. He gets motivated and inspired. Roshan and Duke become good friends. Roshan express his wish to save his sister Roshni of dying from cancer. Duke takes it upon himself to finish his research to treat Roshni. He restarts work on his research. In every low phase Roshan appears to boost his morale and motivate him.

In time, Duke gains sensation first in his hands and then in his legs. One fine day the physiotherapist tries to make him walk with the help of a walker. Regular physiotherapy given to get back his normal range and muscle power becomes effective by which Duke makes an effort to walk to the window making a neck down paralyzed person able to get back on his limbs. Near the window, he stands firmly without the help of a walker. He draws the curtains to look outside at the world which gave him hope and re-established his belief in life. Shockingly, there's no world outside, there is just a tall boundary wall outside the window. The doctor reconfirms that the wall has been there for years. Duke enquires about Roshan. The doctor tells him that it was Roshan who was suffering from cancer, not his sister and Roshan died due to cancer just a day before.
Roshan lights the candle that disperses all darkness from Duke's life. He leaves his inexhaustible will to live in Duke, so that he can finish his research and save many other Roshans. He returns to Duke what he had lost - hope.

yuhuuuu! nice eye liner style

cantiknye skinny jeans neh!!


hi all! n3 kali ni nak cite pasal buku yang aku  baru je baca last two week. A Walk To Remember & The Last Song by Nicholas Spark. Masa org tgh sibuk2 nak raya, aku sibuk nak menngabiskan bace benda alah neh. OTW nak balik Batu Pahat bace, gi balik beraya umah saudara bace sampaila ari raya ke 3 baru aku abis bace dua2 buku cite neh. Dua2 dah lama dah kat wayang. AWTR kuar pas aku abis SPM 2002, ingat lagi aku memang giler tgk cite ne n aku dah tgk ntah bape kali ntah tp TLS aku x tgk lagi. Dua2 cite best tapi aku rasa AWTR movie better than novel itself sebab banyak changes diorang wat. Tapi sebab si Shane West (Landon Rollins Carter) & Mandy Moore (Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan) yang play cm best je nak layan. Cite neh bagus nak tgk sebab bagi semangat. hehehe.....OST yang best dalam cite ne lagu Dare You To Move by Switchfoot,  Someday We'll Know by Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman & It's Gonna Be Love by Mandy Moore. My fav all the time. TLS plak, book tersangatla best tapi x leh nak comment movie sebab x tgk lagi. Walaupun aku sebenarnye x lah suka sgt kat si Miley Cyrus neh tapi sebab buku tu ok rasa nak try tgk movie plak.Camner diorang portray character2 dalam buku cite neh. So aku nyer stok buku dah abis pas neh nak bace Dear John n The Notebook plak. Til then. XOXO.

3 star

5 out of 5 star
5 star

x leh bagi bintang sebab x tgk lagi :(

luv ur writing skill...wish i could have that talent